FAQ - frequently asked questions



  • Q: What is CHEWsurance?

    A: CHEWsurance is a monthly toy replacement club where you send us pictures of your dog's destroyed toys and we'll replace them with new toys. The destroyed toy can be an old toy that was obtained from anywhere at any time #noquestionsasked. Just upload your silly, crazy, whacky, demolished toy pictures and we’ll send you out a new toy within a couple of business days. Depending on your plan, you can replace up to 5 destroyed toys per month!

  • Q: Is CHEWsurance the same as insurance?

    A: No. CHEWsurance is NOT an insurance company. We just like to replace old, worn out, destroyed toys with something brand new for your dog to ruff up.

  • Q: How can I sign up CHEWsurance?

    A: Sign up here

  • Q: What the heck are pawlicies?

    A: Pawlicies are the ‘dog word’ for subscription plan! We offer 3 different pawlicies:

    • CHEWstarter ($9): One toy replacement per month
    • CHEWstandard ($14): Two toy replacements per month
    • CHEWmaster ($21): Five toy replacements per month
  • Q: When will I be billed?

    A: You’ll be billed on the anniversary of the day you signed up and every month going forward.

  • Q: How do I update my billing information?

    A: You can update your information here

  • Q: When will I receive my new toy?

    A: Send us a photo of the toy, we’ll review it, process it and within 7-10 business days your pup will have a new toy to destr…err, enjoy!

  • Q: Can I adjust or cancel my pawlicy?

    A: You can adjust or cancel anytime here

  • Q: What happens if I cancel my subscription after it renews?

    A: Your future renewals will be cancelled, which means you have one more month to replace your pup’s destroyed toys.

  • Q: What kind of replacement toys do I get?

    A: You can choose from fetch, tug, chew or plush toys for your replacement. As a company run by dog lovers, all of our toys are hand-picked by us and tested by our dogs.

  • Q: Will I get the same replacement toy more than once?

    A: Whoops, our mistake! Call us and to get a different toy.

  • Q: How many destroyed toys can I replace at a time?

    A: You can only replace one toy per picture. That means you can’t send us the biggest pile of destroyed toys in the world and get them all replaced at once. Only one toy per picture please!

  • Q: My replacement toy hasn’t arrived yet, what do I do?

    A: Give us a call (800)398-6081

  • Q: My dog destroyed my password too, how can I reset it?

    A: Reset here

  • Q: What payment options do you accept?

    A: All major credit cards and paypal. (no treats, sorry!)

  • Q: Do you offer refunds?

    A: We do not offer full or partial refunds. However, we understand that all situations are different, so give us a call to help find a solution.

  • Q: I hear that my pawlicy helps shelter pets, is that true?

    A: Yes, we work with RescueBank, a program of, to donate bowls of food to shelter pets in need. Pawlicies give back based on the number of toys replaced each month. The more your dog destroys, the more you help!